Take all benefits from Facebook Advertising

There are more than 60 million Facebook users in Vietnam. It is, from far, the most used social network in this country, and Vietnam is the 7 biggest Facebook community of the world. Therefore, using Facebook is a must-do part of your marketing strategy, especially regarding the possible geo/demographic targeting. 

The acquisition of new prospects and the development of brand awareness are among the main objectives pursued by advertisers in the context of Facebook Ads advertisements. They also allow you to reach other objectives, whatever your business is:

Promote your brand
Promote your brand

Boost your brand image by broadcasting your message to a specific audience group

Generate traffic of quality on your website
Generate traffic of quality on your website

Exploit the numerous targeting possibilities to build a relevant and qualified audience for your business and your objectives.

Boost your online sales
Boost your online sales

Launch campaigns and track the behavior of the audience on your website. Maximize conversion  and adapt your strategy to increase your online sales

Increase your local sales
Increase your local sales

Attract traffic in your store by disseminating promotions or relaying special operations

Retarget existing customers
Retarget existing customers

Add retargeting pixels to your website and advertise to recent website visitors. Only 1-2% of visitors convert on their first visit. We will use retargeting to increase your rate.

We choose the best format to fit with your objectives


Notoriety & Business:

With video ads :

  • Leads your target to your website
  • Promote your new product


Business and Engagement

With video ads:

  • Get attention from your audience
  • Interact with your target


Business & Customisation

With stories ads:

  • Offer a complete and customized user experience
  • Inspire your target and call them to action on mobile
  • Enlarge your cover and generate more results


Business and Discovery

With Carousel Ads:

  • Highlight your different products or services
  • Tell your brand story
  • Involve your current clients and make them take actions


Business and proximity

Thanks to messenger ads:

  • Cultivate proximity with your current or potential customers
  • Add interactive or automatic functionalities to your exchanges
  • Expand your coverage and find more customers
  • Target your customers with sponsored messages

MarketedIn manages your Facebook Ads campaigns from A to Z

Define the ads strategy

MarketedIn designs the best advertising strategy for your campaigns, whatever your objectives.

Set the targeting

Facebook Ads offer very powerful targeting capabilities to make sure your message reaches the right people.

Design & Video

Our creative studio takes care of the Design of your advertisements: visuals, carousels, canvas, video…

Technical deployment

We set up your Facebook Ads campaign, Facebook pixel, etc…

Monitoring & Optimization

Throughout the campaigns, the MarketedIn teams optimize the different axes of the campaigns to maximize the results.


Each campaign is analyzed through a report that is delivered to you: we measure performance based on the KPIs that you provided to us at the beginning of the campaign.

Instagram Ads

With a younger target, Instagram is a good choice of Platform.

Our teams can broadcast your advertisements on this network

Linkedin Ads

With a more international community, LinkedIn is the best social network to reach B2B targets.

We can define for you the best professional criteria for your advertising on LinkedIn.