Key data of Vietnam market

Since 1980, Vietnam ecomics start a non-stop rising, with a GDP rate hit a 10-years record high of 7,08% in 2018, , making it one of the top growth performance in the region.

  • E-commerce growth is forecasted to double to US$10 billion in 2020.
  • US$142 billion Retail Sales in 2018, the highest ever recorded.
  • Vietnam ranks third in the world in the number of people fond of branded goods, chasing China and India.

#1 rank

Fastest growing market for convenience stores in Asia by 2021

#2 rank

of the consumer and retail sector in terms of mergers and acquisitions

#3 rank

Rank of the retail sector in terms of total investment inflows in 2018

  • 96 million inhabitant
  • 74% of Vietnamese are familiar with online shopping
  • 211 billion USD of good imported in 2018