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Our Model 

We collect orders (B2B) from market and we place orders to suppliers (that joined our programs) , import products then distribute it to local wholesalers/retailers.

Buy2Sell is a national distributor. We collect orders (usually small quantities) from the market and then place orders to our suppliers based on their MOQ. We are the interaction point for our supplier partners and buyers in Vietnam. All communication, support, ordering, payments will be made with Buy2Sell directly. 

We have been receiving a lot of inquiries for products that are not available in current categories on Our sourcing team will keep looking for more products to answer every buyers’ inquiries.

Our network of buyers includes almost every type of buyer from every industry: from a single supermarket to shopping malls, to a chain of spa, to online retailers…etc. 

Order and delivery

The first order will be placed after developing your brand in Vietnam and collecting orders from the market. This process generally takes 2-4 months but varies between each brand. We will also support the product registration (if applicable).

Buy2Sell will not charge extra cost during the branding program proposed.

Our dedicated team will carry all the official, FDA and all necessary registration process


We guarantee that we will implement all the steps agreed during our partnership following the agreement. One of them being our commitment on the minimum sales turnover: We will work really hard to get orders on your products and develop it successfully in Vietnam.

The minimum turnover is set at an average of the minimum transactions we have over the course of the branding process. That is how we can commit to this amount. Which is based on years of our experience importing foreign brands to Vietnam. This sales turnover is a minimum to guarantee that your investment in Vietnam is already covered with support and profitable. Our goal is to go far beyond this minimum.

The minimum turnover is a guarantee from our side to show our dedication and commitment. We will extend our branding strategy for an additional 12 months if this minimum is not reached. This time, 100% of the cost will be covered by Buy2Sell. 

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